Merchandise Information

The committee have asked that you take individual responsibility for ordering your own club merchandise. This has the advantage to you of being able to try on for size before buying and to us for simplifying the accounts.

The detail.

We buy exclusively from IMPRINTS, who hold our logo template.

They are at 50a St James Street, Taunton, TA1 1JR.

Their telephone number is 01823-323288.

Their email address is

Their website is

The best contact is Nev. who is most helpful.

So far, the choice of garments that have been bought are;-

Caps @ £6.66

Short sleeved navy polo shirts (GD43) @ £12.60

Long sleeved navy polo shirts (GD44) @ £13.98

Navy sweatshirt (GD56) @ £14.38

Navy lady fit fleece (RG123) @ £23.69

Navy gents fit fleece (RG122) @ £23.69

These prices include the embroidering of our logo and VAT at 20%.

If, in addition, you would like your name added, this will be at a cost of £3.60 including VAT at 20%. Any garment bought previously without a name, should this now be required, Nev will arrange this for you at the same price.

If you have any questions you would like to ask, please contact a member of the committee.