Wellington Petanque Club was formed in August 2018 when about 20 or so players decided to move from casually meeting when convenient to forming a club with constitution and a membership. Within a few months 31 people had joined and many were soon wearing our club colours which sported our club logo; The monument with a petanque boule as the background. The terrain was provided by the local authority with the help of section 106 money from local builders but until the club was formed very little use was made of the excellent facility, considered by visiting teams to be one of the best in the South-West. The Basins is an ideal location with excellent car parking so close.

Petanque is an infectious game. At first sight it appears to be glorified game of marbles. However if you spend a little time watching the experts (not us yet) you soon realise that throwing boules of steel weighing 700 grams accurately for between 6 and 10 metres takes a life-time of practice. In France parents discuss the ability of their off-spring to play petanque whereas in England parents would be discussing whether their offspring had yet learned to crawl.